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Between September 2004 and August 2005 I was in Kenya to study physics at the University of Nairobi for one year. Below you find reports of my experiences in East Africa; some in German, but some also in English. Most are about my travels, as they offer more to write about than every-day life at the uni. Some pictures I took in Kenya, Tanzania und Uganda can be found in the Foto-Galerie. The scientific side is represented by the report on my research project on Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy.

Research Internship on Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (January-July 2005)

Out of Africa - Back in Germany, Reflections on studying a year in Nairobi, March 2006
Impressions from Kenya, February 2005
Letter from Kenia, 15.02.2005
Out of Germany, why Kenya? - my application essay, February 2004

Letters in German:
Rundmail, 13. Juli 2005 (German)
Eine Busfahrt in Ruanda, April 2005 (German)
Mount Kenia die Zweite oder wie man als Weisser unauffaellig in einem Bus mit kenianischen Studenten mitfaehrt, 01.03.2005 (German)
Tansania und Nairobi, 15.02.2005 (German)
Weihnachtsrundbrief, 25.12.2004 (German)
Meine ersten Reisen, 15.11.2004 (German)
Zwei Wochen in Kenia - Meine ersten Eindruecke, 15.10.2004 (German)

Kenyan Literature
Other African authors
non-African writers about Africa

Mama Miti - Die Mutter der Bäume (Portrait von Wangari Maathai), November 2004 (German)

Links about the exchange:
Ustadi, continuing the Berlin-Nairobi Exchange
University of Nairobi
FU-Berlin Physics Department

Other Links about Kenya:
EastAfrican - weekly newspaper
The Nation - Kenyan daily newspaper
East African Standard - another daily
Website of the Kenya Tourist Board
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