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Information from Israel

While I spent 18 months in Israel doing my civil service with Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (working with handicapped children and Shoah survivors) I wrote many reports and articles to friends in Germany. You can find these on the German version of this page, however, there are no translations available. Here you will find only the few English mails I sent to international friends. This gives a glimpse of my life in Israel, but cannot really represent my experience in Israel and the complex opinions I formed about the situation in this country.

Letter after returning to Germany (September 2002)
Letter from Israel (24.4.2002)

Additionally, you can find many pictures from Israel in my foto gallery, also from travels to Jordan and Egypt and from a later visit to Israel in 2003.

Alternative Information Centre, Jerusalem
Bt'Selem - Human Rights Watch in the Occupied Territories
Gush Shalom - Israeli peace movement
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
Ha'Aretz - Englisch version of this Israeli newspaper
Indymedia Israel
New Profile - Israelische conscientious objectors
Peace Now - Israeli peace movement
Ta'ayush - Arabic-Jewish peace group
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